Shared view and Personal view of a web part page?


  • Hi, I'm used to seeing a "Modify Shared Page" link in the upper right of a web part page.

    But I'm working on another server now, and the "Modify Shared Page" link is gone. I do have "Site Actions" in the same upper right area, and that lets me simply click "Edit page". However that menu is missing "Shared View" and it's missing "Personal View" on that menu. So I cannot edit the Shared or Personal versions separately. 

    What happened to "Modify Shared Page"/"Personal View"/"Shared View"????

    I'm using a Team Site based on MOSS 2007 server.



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  • If I'm remembering correctly, the Modify Shared Page link was in SharePoint Portal Server 2003.  In MOSS 2007 (for a non-publishing team site) you should see a Personalize this page link on the Welcome username menu.  If you click Edit Page on the Site Actions menu (assuming you have access to do it) then you will be editing the Shared View.  Clicking ther personalize this page link on the welcome menu will switch you to the personal view.  There should be a bar across the top of the page when you are in edit mode telling you which page you are editing.  Most users will only have access to the Personalize this page entry and will never see the Edit page entry on the Site Actions menu.

    If its a publishing page then there is really no personal view of the page to be edited, only a shared view.

    Paul Stork SharePoint Server MVP
    Thursday, March 25, 2010 12:41 PM