MS Outlook 2003 - How do you create a calendar shortcut for the desktop



    I am trying to create a desktop shortcut so that i can click an icon on the desktop and it will take me into a public calendar. Currently i have some shortcuts right now that were created with prior versions of Outlook but i need to create a brand new shorcut that point to a newly created public calendar. I am currently using MS Outlook 2003 SP3. The shortcut was created by someone who no longer works for our company and i cannot create a copy of the existing shortcut to point to a new calendar (public folder). All the old shorcuts still work and i believe they were created under MS Outlook 2000. Does anyone know how i can create a new desktop shortcut to a public calendar from scratch or from my current existing shortcut. Thanks!
    Thursday, April 10, 2008 2:19 PM