Outlook 2010 moves my old deleted items to my Outlook 2007 Inbox - help!

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  • I have two computers - one runnig Outlook 2007, the other with Outlook 2010. Both are using the same sign on and are using an Exchange 2003 email account.

    I have only just downloaded Outlook 2010 (onto a brand new Windows 7 computer) and when I ran it - everything looks OK, but when I look back in my Outlook 2007 - large numbers of old deleted items have "re-appeared" in my Outlook 2007 inbox (they do not appear in my Outlook 2010 inbox). I keep my Deleted Items for about 3 months and then use the archiving routine to delete them. Checking a sample of the emails - the older emails do not appear in my current deleted items - but more recnt emails do. Where have these emails come from - how do I get rid of them / stop it happening again?

    thanks for your help
    Thursday, March 04, 2010 4:28 PM

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