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  • Last year I upgraded my old Small business server 2003 to server 2012 standard and shortly after had issues with some of the offline files on the server, we use almost all laptops here that users take home at night and we have folder redirection set up through group policy for the my documents, and pictures folders stored in \\server\Network\users\ and these folders sync locally, However we also have network drives set up pointing to \\server\Network\ and \\server\network\scans as drives N: and S:.

    Files in these 2 network drives somehow got set to be available offline and caused issues with versioning and  people coming in and finding themselves in "offline mode". Thinking this to be user error I updated group policy to employ these 2 policies:

    Remove "Make Available Offline" command Enabled  
    Remove "Work offline" command Enabled 

    Today however I found that a laptop that had been deployed After all of this had been put in place was having the same problem, with files on the N: drive showing as trying to sync outside of the users folder

    Is there a way that I can lock this down to only sync the items in the user folder for documents and pictures? Outside of that folder we have other company documents and databases that get problematic if they try to sync changes between users and it's causing a lot of issues.


    Friday, October 23, 2015 3:59 PM

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  • Hi ijerryjones,

    "Is there a way that I can lock this down to only sync the items in the user folder for documents and pictures?"
    Do you mean only allow specific folders to be offline?

    We could make it by modifying the share properties on the server. Redirect each folder to each share folder and modify the "Allow caching of share" properties to meet our needs.

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    Monday, October 26, 2015 7:20 AM
  • That's not a feature I was aware of, I'm giving that a shot, my dilemma there however is that the user's documents folder that I do need to be available offline is located in \\server\network\users, and the GPO redirects the my documents folder that way (create a folder for all users in "\\server\network\users") 

    However I have other folders in that network folder that I do not want to be available offline, will that override group policy if I disable it on the network folder?

    I assume it would, so I am setting up a separate share for "users" (goes to the same path, just is a different share name)

    So if I disable offline sync on the "network" folder will I still be able to enable sync on the "users" folder? since it is a separate share? Even though it is physically located in the "network" folder


    Wednesday, December 16, 2015 2:24 PM