Dial-in conferencing with 2 standard edition servers


  • We have 2 standard edition servers, paired for resilience, in the same datacentre. We also have a SBC configured with a SIP trunk from a ITSP. We are looking to deploy dial-in conferencing.

    I am confused as to whether dial-in conferencing will be spread across the two servers - as both are running conferencing and mediation roles. 

    Inbound PSTN calls are routed by the SBC to the first Std server, it answers the call and joins it to a conference. Will the second server ever get involved? Is my maximum capacity the 240 concurrent calls provided by a single server, or can the load be spread somehow? I can forward PSTN calls round-robin between the 2 servers but I don't know if that would stop some calls reaching the right conference.

    Any help appreciated


    Thursday, April 20, 2017 10:47 AM

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  • Hi Vurtual,

    Regarding this issue, you have deployed pool pair for your SFB SE server, for the pool pair, both sites are active, and the Lync Server Backup Service provides real-time data replication to keep the pools synchronized, so when you dial in the conference, it won’t be spread across the two servers. If one of your SFB SE server is down, it will failover to the other SFB SE server.

    Based on my research, the maximum capacity for the conference is 250, and you have 240 calls, so it is supported, you don’t have to load these calls, the following document is for your reference

    Hope this reply is helpful to you.


    Alice Wang

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    Friday, April 21, 2017 5:28 AM