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  • Guys, I have to make ost to pst conversion, but I didn't know any tool for it. Help me, please recommend a solution.
    Sunday, January 05, 2014 4:06 PM


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  • Hii

    I know that OST to PST conversion is really very important in today's scenario as mostly users save their data in OST file format because all work in different business organizations. But why you need any tool which is third party solution. You can convert your OST file to PST format by manual methods too. Manual methods also give good result in conversion of OST to PST. You can use the steps mentioned below to convert OST to PST :

       Import/export option

    • Configure the Outlook account and click on File.
    • Choose open>export from the file menu.
    • Choose export to a file under the export and import wizard.
    • Select Outlook data file format .pst and click on Next.
    • Choose the required mailbox to be extracted. Then click on Next to continue.
    • Browse the location to save .pst file. Click on Finish to complete process.

      In this way you can convert your OST file to PST with the help of above solution. And if still you want to use any third party software then replied as soon as possible. A third party ost to pst converter is available here; Free OST to PST Converter

    Hope it will help you.

    Friday, August 12, 2016 5:01 AM
  • You don't need a tool to convert OST to PST if you know the manual method. One manual method to convert files is sending data via mail (if the data is less in OST file)

    If you want only specific mails & contacts in new pst file then you can forward these items to personal mail and then retrieve them from personal mail to MS outlook. You can also send other items by following steps

    • Right click on the files you want to send.
    • Select the files in save as Outlook format and compress them, Zip folder will be created.
    • Send this Zip folder to Personal ID.
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  • The OST to PST Converter is very knowledgeable and safe email recovery tool. This software is only not repair damage OST file, but quickly convert offline OST file to PST file data.

    Try free demo version tool:

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017 7:56 AM
  • Hi,victormoses37

    There are several methods to convert OST file to PST file.

    First, Microsoft does not provide an official tool to do the conversion. However, if you can access the contents of the OST file in your Outlook, then you can perform the conversion manually, as follows:

    1. Start Outlook. Make sure you can access all the contents in the OST file to be converted.
    2. Create a new PST file.
    3. Go to the OST file, select and copy all the contents to be converted with your mouse.
    4. Go back to the new PST file, then paste all the contents into the PST file

    That will do the ost 2 pst  conversion.



    You can also perform the conversion by exporting the contents of OST file to PST file by following the instructions at:





    Second, if you can access the Exchange server containing the account data for the OST file, then you can use Export-Mailbox command to export the data into a PST file, similar to convert your OST file into a PST file. Below is the article about doing that:





    Third, you can try  a free OST to PST converter via Outlook VBA . Below is the article about doing that:



    Hope this will help. Good Luck!  

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