turn off security warnings in Access 2010


  • I am trying to disable all of the security and active content messages in Access 2010. Customer site already has Office 2010 installed but they just started using Access and for now, I have been going around to each workstation and manually disabling the security.

    I have tried setting up an MSP file but when I run it on the workstations, it says that there are no updates. I just want it to add the extra information into the registry. Can I do it this way? Maybe I'm not using the correct switch?

    If that isn't possible, we run kixscripts so there is the option to add the registry info there but I've searched and haven't found what I need to make this work.

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    Just to add to my questions, the settings that I appear to need changed are as follows;

    Security warning: Enable Content (when the Access file is first launched)

    File / Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings

    Active X Settings – Enable all controls

    Macro Settings – Enable all macros

    Help appreciated. Thanks

    Saturday, February 25, 2012 3:48 PM


  • Yes, these settings could be disabled. But I don't think it's a good idea to do so for security consideration.

    For example, ActiveX controls have unrestricted access to your computer and therefore can access the local file system and change the registry settings of your operating system. If a hacker uses an ActiveX control to take over your computer, the damage can be significant.


    To avoid being prompted for trust decisions, we can save our Access databases in a trusted location, when we place our databases in a trusted location, all VBA code, macros, and safe expressions run when you open the databases. We do not have to make trust decisions while the databases opens.

    For your situation, we can specify the trusted location using Group Policy or OCT. And educate the users to save the trusted documents(databases) in the trusted locations.

    Learn how to plan Trusted Locations settings for Office 2010

    Learn more detail about Access 2010 security


    In case you still want to disable these settings, we can modify the Trust Center settings using Group Policy in the following locations:

    User Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Access 2010/Application Settings/Security

    Learn more detail:

    Configure security for Office 2010

    Max Meng

    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, February 27, 2012 4:16 PM