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  • Hi,

    We are in process of Datacenter Migration. We have Exchange 2010 Hybrid environment with CAS/MBX , HUB & Edge Role.  Users are already migrated to O365.

    Very few application mailboxes<20 are hosted on Exchange 2010 servers. Also, Public folder approx. 700 GB resides on Exchange 2010 environment.

    We will be performing side by side migration of Exchange 2010 servers by building new Exchange servers in new DC in the same Exchange organization. Below is the migration Plan:

    1. Install new Exchange 2010 servers in New Datacenter. (IP subnet will be changed in new DC).

    2. Create New Exchange 2010 DAG with new servers in the DAG.

    3. Migrate the Mailboxes to new DAG.

    4. Run Hybrid wizard to integrate with new Exchange 2010 servers.

    5. Cutover the mail flow service from existing servers to new exch 2010 servers in New DC.

    I have query on Public folder Migration. Approx 700 GB of Public folder needs to be migrated to new Exchange servers in Target DC. Since datacenters are physically separated in different city. Firewall exists between both DCs. How should I plan for Public folder migration. Can we put any type of restriction that public folder should replicate during night to avoid any type of network congestion or what will be the best approach to migrate the same.

    Please note due to technical limitation, we are not upgrading Exchange 2010 to higher version. Upgrade will be planned later.

    As of now we have to built Exchange 2010 servers in new DC. 

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  • Ensure that all firewall ports are open between the Exchange servers.

    The way to move the public folders is to create a new public folder database (or more than one) and then add the new servers as folder replicas.  If you're worried about swamping your network, then add the replicas on a segmented basis, say a few folders at a time.  That's a lot of work, but with 700 folders it shouldn't be too terribly bad.  You can sue the AddReplicasToPFRecursive.ps1 script and select subtrees of folders to replicate that way.

    Once you have all the content replicated, you can change the default public folder database of your mailbox databases, and then remove all the replicas from the old public folder server(s).

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