Outlook 2007 - hotmail not not populating in outlook - incoming/outgoing server not working


  • Hi - I am switching computers and have reinstalled Outlook 2007.  When I add my account  it asks for incoming/outgoing mail server information from my ISP.   I am unable to look on previous laptop set up as the "repair" portion of account is not highlighted and I can't get to that level to see it. I contacted my ISP (Comcast) who provided: Incoming Server: and Outgoing Server:  They also provided incoming mail server: port number 995 (POP3) 110 (POP3); and outgoing mail server: 465(SMTP) 587(SMTP).   This is not working.     Who has a solution?

    P.S. Comcast is my new provider as of 3 weeks ago and no issues with old laptop--also that would not have been my incoming/outgoing server information then.  thank you

    Thursday, January 02, 2014 6:11 PM