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  • Hi everyone,

    We seem to have a problem using tasks across different timezones.  For example, if we have a user in London start a task and assign it to a user in the US...the date of the task "Due Date" is 1 day early.

    We figured out that although there is no "Time" shown by default on the "New Task" in actually assigns a time of 12:00am (midnight).  Then, when assigning the task to a user in later timezone, this pushes the task into the previous day.

    This a problem as we have European users who need to assign tasks to US based users...but we can't do that if the "Day" of the task is always incorrect.

    I have been searching for days for anything on this but I'm not getting anywhere and we may have to abandon tasks totally if we can't find a way around this.  Making the users specify times is a possible, but they are not happy with that.  Also, as we have users across 4 timezones it will be quite complex.

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. As an edit to there no-one using tasks across timezones?  Are we doing something fundamentally different to other users?

    p.p.s sorry for cross posting, but we got no responses at all before so I need to try somewhere else
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  • Your original post to the General forum (which I have now deleted so there are no parallel threads with this question) was there for less than 24 hours before you decided that you needed to re-post it here.

    That is *far too early* to justify a re-post to a different forum.

    Please in future wait at least several days; then delete your original post before posting it again elsewhere.
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  • Apologies...the post you deleted was there for 23 hours 45mins without any response.

    I need to find an answer to this question (which seems to be something simple but obviously isn't) and therefore am hoping to find someone who can help us...

    As well as "forum housekeeping" I was hoping maybe an MVP could provide some answer, even if it is just that it can't be done, or we are doing something fundamentally wrong.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008 11:38 AM
  • I choose my words carefully :)

    I don't use Tasks except in testing workflow so I don't have any useful input on the question (I saw the original post too).

    I'm fairly sure I've seen something similar here before though. Have you tried searching the SP forums (the dropdown in search lets you specify the entire set of SP forums) ?

    P.S. There are a lot of good people here answering questions. The majority of them are not MVPs.

    As for me I both answer questions and do housekeeping. Doing housekeeping on a post neither makes it more likely that I answer it nor less likely.
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  • Thank you Mike...I very much appreciate the response.

    I've tried searching through google and the MS forums and come up with very little.  So little in fact, I am begining to think that maybe either we are doing something totally wrong, or no-one out there is using SharePoint tasks across timezones.

    Thank you again.

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008 12:40 PM
  • Mike,

    It's been several days now and no replies apart from yourself.

    Would you be able to advise if I should repost this elsewhere?

    Kind regards,


    Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:02 PM