Calculating a percentage of fields but not deducting if a field is empty?


  • Hi,

    I have 10 fields, lets say field1, field2..... field10, each containing a drop down value of 1-10, with an optional blank choice if the particular item is not applicable. In addition, not all fields might be used, the user might only fill out fields 1-5.

    What I ultimatly want to achieve, is to calculate a percentage of the fields which have been filled in, So if only 5 fields are filled in, the maximum possibly score would be 50 (which would be 100%), if the total score is 25, then the user has scored 50%.

    Thats my simple explanation, now thinking about it, could it be done with IF statements;

    "(field1 + field2 + field3 ...+field10) div (100 "then some if statments - if field1 = blank -10, if field2 = blank - 10..... if field10 = blank - 10).

    Does that make sense?

    Any input is hugely appreciated, in simple terms would really be greatful as ive not long been using the software.


    Thursday, September 22, 2011 7:56 PM


  • Hi

    first don't use blank value for not filled fields. Use 0 value by default ( for not filled fields )

    And your formula should use a summ of  this

    ROUND (FIELDSx/10,0)

    So if  fields x is 0, the result will be zero, if fields is > 0, the result will be 1, for each column

    The formula of determining the percent of how many fields has been filled will be


    The result is already as percent

    Romeo Donca

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    Thursday, September 22, 2011 9:19 PM