When you are running a test lab from home should your test lab be able to connect to the internet? RRS feed

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  • I am asking this becasue if I used the prescribed configurations in the book those configurations wont allow me to connect to the internet for my lab at home. Even when I put my own IP address and configure it in their it wont allow me to connect to the internet not unless I go dynamic. What other ways can I use my server in VM to connect to the internet?

    Im also asking becasue to use the Web Server (IIS) feature you have to connect to the internet and I cant for some how. Does anyone know a way around connecting to the internet so I can do these labs correctly.

    Saturday, September 15, 2012 3:04 PM


  • Normally, the labs are NOT connected to the Internet because a) it is not needed for the labs and b) it would be a security risk since the VMs for the labs are not usually kept up to date with the lastest patches and service packs.

    To use the web server (IIS) you do NOT need to connect to the Internet. You can simply run it in the server and connect to it from a local browser running in the same virtual machine, or from a browser in a separate VM connected to the same internal virtual network (which is not routed into the Internat).

    That said, if you really want to connect your lab to the internet, you can connect the virtual network adapter of your virtual machine to the same network that connects to the physical adapter contained in the host computer that runs your VM. This will provide your VM with the same internet access as available to your host computer. Usually, this means that you get a DHCP-assigned IP address and you get outgoing connections to the Internet via NAT, but no incomming connections unless you reconfigure your router to provide the latter.

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