Microsoft Access won't start


  • Everytime I try to run Microsoft Access (2010), a "Microsoft Installer" window pops up: "Preparing to install." It freezes at this window for a few minutes at this point.

    Then another window pops up for a split second: "Please wait while Microsoft Access sets up the necessary files."

    Then another window pops up: "Automatic configuration of the current version of Microsoft Access has failed. Your database might not function correctly. This can occur if you do not have the necessary permissions to install Microsoft Access on this computer."

    I bought Microsoft Office Professional 2010 online several months ago. I am not having any problems with any of the other software.

    I am not a computer expert by any means. Any suggestions as to what the problem is and how to fix it? :(

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 2:19 PM


  • Hi, Choimein



    This error usually means there is something wrong with the installation of Access. It may be something else, but before you dig into this I would like to know what happens if you run a repair of Office 2010 on your server. Is it successful?

    If it is, try launching Access 2010 again. With luck the error will be gone.

    If it isn't I recommend performing a full uninstall and reinstall of Office. A normal uninstall will fail if repairing failed,

    so you will want to follow the steps on this KB to remove Office 2010:

    Use these steps even if a repair did work. Make sure you do all of this when no one else is connected to your server. Reboot when it is finished and reinstall Office 2010.





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