How do I completely remove Office 2007 + UPDATES (uninstall doesn't work)?


  • I am trying to solve a very strange issue for a client. He installed an older copy of Office 2000, then went to Office 2007. He was having trouble getting these to work the way he wanted to on windows 7. So, he ran a complete uninstall on both. 

    He then purchased and installed Office 2010. 

    Office 2010 WORKS - HOWEVER - Windows update is still downloading and grabbing updates on the update path for Office 2007. Here's the reason why... Office 2007 update KB974631 is NOT REMOVABLE. I cannot seem to uninstall this update - it doesn't give me the option. 

    Also, now Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 has come in, and THAT is also now not removable. NOTE: Office 2007 is NOT installed on this machine - but Microsoft Update downloaded and somehow installed Office 2007 SP1 anyway. 

    Another strange issue that is not as important, is that the right-click context menu that you see when you right-click on the desktop and go to 'new' to create a new document of some sort... (you know, the shell extension menu) Yeah, that still says 'Create New Microsoft Word 2007 document'.  So, the installation of Office 2010 didn't update the windows contextual menus. 

    Anyway, the important part is getting rid off EVERYTHING Office 2007 off this machine, including that silly court ordered "cripple word 2007" update KB974631, and now Office 2007 SP1. 

    Friday, July 30, 2010 6:58 PM


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