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  • How Can I recover Single Mailbox from .bkf file using Backup Exec ?

    I can see and mark checked
    1. Log Files
    2. Mailbox Store
    3. Public Folder Store
    But I can't expand Mailbox Store to select a single Mailbox to restore. I hope you guys understand my point.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007 2:09 PM

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  • Most programs, such as Backup Exec, have two different kinds of backups for Exchange.


    The first is a backup of each database.  The second would be a "brick level" backup.  These are setup as different backup jobs, and can be ran at the same time.  The bricklevel backup job would back up each mailbox individually, and takes a he!! of a long time usually.  This is why most people using tape limits this to important people, or don't use it at all.


    If you are not doing a brick level backup, you cannot simple restore one mailbox.


    If you are using Exchange 2003, the best place to start on your quest of restoring on person's mailbox would be the below link:


    And in a simpler format from the maker of Backup Exec



    hope this helps
    Tuesday, September 18, 2007 9:40 PM
  • Which version of Exchange and which version of Backup Exec are you running?  For Exchange 2007 and Backup Exec 11d, I'm assuming you are running this:


    There is an option under the Settings for Microsoft Exchange when setting up the Backup Job, you can select a check box that says:


    "Enable the Restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store Backups."


    HOWEVER, per Symantec Article 287937 

    A MAPI/CDO update will need to be installed on the Exchange server for this to work.
    Hope this helps
    Robert Farmer
    City of Wasco
    Thursday, September 20, 2007 9:07 PM