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  • We have a customer who is experiencing a performance issue when our product automates Word to generate a report.
    - OS: XP Pro SP2
    - Word version: XP 2002 SP3  Italian
    - User has two PCs.  Both have AMD Athlon processors (2 CPUs) with 2 GB RAM
      When generating the report on one PC all users get slow performance.
      When generating the report on the other PC, the owner account gets good performance but other users logged in to that same machine get slow performance
    - When the report is generated quickly it takes 32 seconds.  When generated slowly it takes 12 min 30 sec.
    - We have tried many things.  We've turned off spell check and any other processing Word may do to slow things down while generating the report.  We were able to fix this problem on one PC by recreating  This did NOT fix the problem on all PCs though or for all users.  
    - The slow PC actually has fewer processes running on it!  The task Manager did not show anything that would cause this.
    - The customer claims they have done a complete wipe of the PC.  Reinstalled OS and Office and still have the problem.
       We feel we have looked at all the obvious things and are out of ideas.  The OS and Word version are both Italian.  Are there hidden options that one can look at that can cause performance issues?  It's strange that it runs fast for one user.  Are there OS/Network things that can be looked at?
    Thursday, May 03, 2012 3:23 PM

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