Error sharing resources between domains with trust relationship


  • Hello Foro, please your support in this problem that has been presented to me:

    The trust relationship between 2 domain A and B has been established

    The Domain And Trust trust relationship has been validated from both domains with successful results.

    It is verified by means of nslookup in both directions the resolution is correct.

    When from domainA I try to share a folder to a user / group in DomainB, the resource can be shared without problems; However when I try to share a folder from DomainB  with users in DomainA, I can see the tree of OUs, it is more if I give in "find now" I list all the users, I select any and I even give them "check names" and it is correct but when giving OKs delay a bit and then show the following error:

    The Active Directory Domain Controllers required to find the selected objects in the following domianios are not available: DomainA

    I have made several discards but nothing, in Google indicates that the problem may be due to a DNS issue, but as I mentioned above, the nslookup resolves  correctly in both directions.

    Thanks in advance for the help you can give me.
    Thursday, November 2, 2017 5:25 PM

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