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  • There are new features I really love in the new Office 2013 and when I'm within the individual products I have no complaints yet. I've installed Office 2013 on a Windows 8 Pro laptop for our organization. Here are 4 issues I have with Outlook 2013 in its final release - the release I am expected to promote as an upgrade to our clients but won't until some improvements are made.

    Windows 8 Lock Screen Notification
    One of the features that seemed to be promoted in Windows 8 is the advantage of displaying important items on users' lock screen in Windows 8. Yet Outlook 2013 doesn't appear as a calendar/e-mail lock screen display option. I would never tell a client to setup both Windows Mail/Windows Calendar AND Outlook 2013. This is one of many reasons I think Windows 8 will take longer for adoption than Windows 7.

    Windows 8 App Live Tile
    It was very disappointing to see no live tile support from the beginning in Outlook 2013. Microsoft promotes Live Tiles as a great feature and easy to develop in the programming, yet it apparently isn't simple enough for its own developers to include a very popular MS product. Please add this feature ASAP also.

    Outlook New Mail Desktop Notification
    I was very disappointed to see the removal of any actions available in the new mail desktop notification. It was great to be able to delete right from the notification in Office 2010 & earlier but now we've taken steps backward. Especially now with the major disconnect between desktop programs and apps, it would be nice to have actions available on the pop-up notification.

    Windows 8 Desktop vs Tiled App Environments
    I love Microsoft products and love to promote them, which is why we are a MS Partner. However, the new Office 2013 as it relates to the new Windows 8 features/layout - needs a lot of work to keep it from being less confusing & less productive for businesses. The switching back & forth between 2 very disconnected areas of Windows 8 is both time-consuming (increasing mouse clicks and movements) and confusing especially switching between commonly used programs like IE 10 (from app menus) and Office 2013 products (desktop).


    G Theo Gunkler, Cirrulogix
    Pittsford, NY

    Friday, November 23, 2012 10:52 PM

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback. I would test the behaviors in my office test environment tomorrow. Thanks.

    Update: Yes, I've got the same resualt as your post.

    Everyone hope that there is a feature and easy to connect to Microsoft develper to improve therir using experience as their wish. Microsoft always strives to provide high level support to our customers, there are much entries (like as )to let us know your feedback and which can help Microsoft improve our service process and quality.

    Again, we will appreciate your comments.

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