Send/Receive 0x80048002 in Outlook 2010


  • I have one user of many whom gets the Send/Receive bar 1/4 through, sometime after noon daily and starting this point he is not able to receive any email messages.  If we click the send/receive status bar, click Cancel, then all of the messages come into his Inbox.  The error in the send/receive status is Task 'email address' reported error (0x80048002) : 'This task was cancelled before it was completed.'

    (1) I have provided the user with a new machine
    The new machine took care of trying (a) uninstall/reinstall Outlook (b) new profile, with new ost file or repair ost file

    (2) I have confirmed the send/receive settings (mark folder home pages available offline is disabled)

    (3) I have confirmed the anti-virus (Kaspersky) integration is disabled; as well as confirmed in the kaspersky install that it is not monitoring email

    (4) I have confirmed the delivery location is the default

    Monday, May 21, 2012 7:59 PM