Excel 2010 - Issue with formula copy not produce correct results


  • I am having an issue when copying certain types of formulas.  The issue is that the cells where the formula is copied do not initially display the formula results, it just pastes the results from the copied cell.

    For example, say I have a series of date data points - D2 = 07/25/2010, D3 = 08/30/2010, D4 = 09/30/2010 and I want to use a formula that converts these dates to a "yyyy/mm" text.  The formula I use is =TEXT(D2,"yyyy/mm").  When the formula is placed in cell E2 it returns the value of 2010/07, but when I copy the formula to E3 and E4 it returns the same value of 2010/7.  Only when I double click the E3 and E4 will Excel return the correct calculated value of 2010/08 and 2010/09.

    This same issue happens if I use a formula similair to =LEFT(cell,6)

    Any ideas?



    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 6:06 PM


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