Outlook partially downloads email attachments RRS feed

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  • Microsoft told me it's impossible for Outlook to download part of an attachment, but, if I have say a 1MB pdf attachment in my email, Outlook 2013 downloads only about 30-50kb of the attachment then fails to download the rest of the emails. (POP). (Of course then the attachment fails to open!).  

    I have to log into Bigpond WebMail and delete any emails with attachments to be able to download the rest of the emails to Outlook 2013!  This problem has only happened since I upgraded to Windows 8 and Office 2013 Pro.  I have spent literally weeks trawling for a solution, and done everything all you good techs have suggested..  Removed Norton, Created new pst files, Created new profiles, removed and reinstalled Office, removed all add-ins, and everything else I have read about. 

    The most 'Reliable' solution to date has been to install Mozilla Thunderbird and forget about Outlook.  Thunderbird has no issue at all with the emails on the same POP account regardless of the size of attachments. 

    Like the World, I struggle with the concept that Microsoft can get away with the problems this product has been launched with.  It probably warrants a Class Action by now, given the amount of time and money a lot of customers have wasted on this very poor product.  I don't see Microsoft doing anything to fix it..  guess they can't fix something that can't possibly happen!

    Just another Brick in the Wall...


    Tuesday, October 8, 2013 6:34 AM