HELP!!!! Error message when I try to open Excel "Unable to open "https://outlook...."


  • Hello there, I've been trying to search on the internet for information on how to remove this error. What happens is when I open an email document (ANY document), I get this error:

    Unable to open and settings/chris/destop/february 2005 files/ nfd 2004 to 2006.xls. Cannot download the information you requested.

    After I click "Ok", another window pops up after 5 secs with a similar message but a different URL. I have to wait about 15 secs in total each time I open an excel document because of this. This is very time consuming as I open up many files for work purposes each day. From the web, people have said that it relates to "web queries" but i've never used web queries before and I checked my existing connections, and there are NO connections. I don't even know where this link came from.. How do I get rid of this annoying pop-up every time i try to open an excel document?


    Thursday, January 20, 2011 7:26 PM


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