Outlook 2013 cant delete folder(s) using IMAP


  • Hi there,

    I configured outlook 2013 with an IMAP account while having my POP account, i moved all my folders from the POP pst folder to the IMAP folders and let it sync. After that I added the IMAP account on two other computers also running outlook 2013. Now when i create a folder in lets say 'Inbox' and try to delete it it works. But when i create a folder in one of the copied folders like 'private' I cant delete the folder. I figured fixing this would have me recreate all folders and copy the mails over but we're talking 3000+ mails here. Anybody have any idea why i cant delete them?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: I can copy folders but not move them, and shift delete seems to work too, just not regular delete...
    Thursday, December 12, 2013 8:43 AM


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