Require a password on opening Outlook 2010 profile


  • Unlike most threads, I want it to ask me a password. We have a PC that has a generic login, but has multiple Outlook profiles. It will prompt for a password before syncing with Exchange, but one can just hit cancel and read any existing email.


    We are running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 connecting to Exchange 2003.



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  • Hi mhammett,


    You can change to use online mode. When you use Outlook online mode, every time user want to read emails, it need connect to the Exchange Server, and user need input the password to syncing with Exchange Server (Outlook online mode will not create a local file, so user cannot see any email without sync with Exchange Server).


    You can know more information from this document:


    Plan an Exchange deployment in Outlook 2010


    Note: If you are using Outlook cache mode and you want to use online mode, please remove the profile and create a new profile (use online mode). Or user also can see old emails saved in local file before.





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