Exchange 2007 Pre-requisite check issue


  • I am attempting to install a second Exchange 2007 mailbox server into an existing environment.  During setup's pre-check, I receive the following message and setup will not let me continue with the installation:


    Summary: 2 item(s). 1 succeeded, 1 failed.
    Elapsed time: 00:00:07

    Organization Prerequisites

    One or more servers in the existing organization is running Exchange Server 2003 without Service Pack 2 (or later). Installation cannot proceed until existing Exchange Server 2003 computers are upgraded to Service Pack 2.
    Recommended Action: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=30939&l=en&v=ExBPA.3&id=976e716a-b14a-4e67-a913-7b2fe0e9045c

    Cannot find the Recipient Update Service responsible for domain 'DC=domain,DC=local'. New and existing users may not be properly Exchange-enabled.

    Elapsed Time: 00:00:03



    The current environment has one Exchange 2007 server running Mailbox, HT, and CAS roles.  Exchange 2003 was never part of this environment.


    There is, however, a Cisco Unity server in the environment.  Active Directory sees this server as part of the Exchange organization.  I can't view this server object in the Exchange Console, but after pulling it up in ADSIEdit, I found that the "serialNumber" attribute for it showed "Version 6.5 (Build 6944.4)".  So, I edited this value, making it "Version 6.5 (Build 7638.2: Service Pack 2)", hoping that I could fool the pre-check.  :-)


    In viewing the XML data file for the pre-check, it appears that this trick worked.  However, I'm still having the issue.  Apparently, the pre-check, in seeing that an Exchange 2003 server exists, believes that a Recipient Update Service for the domain should also exist.  Obviously, since the Unity server isn't an actual Exchange server, and this is otherwise a purely Exchange 2007 organization, there is no such thing as a RUS.


    So, what to do?  Is there any way to skip the pre-check during setup?  Is there another workaround that anyone knows of?  I'm hoping someone's experienced this issue before.


    Thanks in advance for any advice.



    Monday, October 06, 2008 5:08 PM

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  • Don't mean to be unhelpful, but it sounds like you need to ask Cisco if this appliance is supported with Exchange 2007, and if so, how.


    Tuesday, November 04, 2008 1:52 PM