Test-OutlookWebServices [EXPR] ID 1013 and 1016


  • Hello I'm stuck on this one and its the only error I can clear up and I'm pretty sure its related to ISA 2006 being involved. Nice thing is I have two networks that are in production and the one network is not getting these errors because there isnt an ISA since its a closed network, but the public network we have to use ISA and its recieving these errors related to the EWS directory. It was recieving errors related to UnifiedMessaging directory, but I corrected that by adding the Paths in ISA for the EWS and UnifiedMessaging, but the EWS is still kicking errors. EXCH internally is good but EXPR external going through the ISA isnt.

    Any suggestions would be great everything matches and lines up on both network and being the EXCH is working tells me the permissions are right or else it would fail, but the EXPR has to be something with ISA since its using the public url.

    I have ISA 2006 on Server 2003
    1 AD Site
    1 dedicated CAS SP1 RU9 on Server 2008 SP2
    1 dedicated HT SP1 RU9 on Server 2008 SP2
    1 dedicated MB SP1 RU9 on Server 2008 SP2

    Id      : 1016
    Type    : Success
    Message : [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the AS service at The elapsed time was 609 milliseconds.

    Id      : 1015
    Type    : Success
    Message : [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the OAB service at The elapsed time was 0 milliseconds.

    Id      : 1013
    Type    : Error
    Message : When contacting received the error The request failed with an empty response.

    Id      : 1016
    Type    : Error
    Message : [EXPR]-Error when contacting the AS service at The elapsed time was 46 milliseconds.

    Id      : 1021
    Type    : Information
    Message : The following web services generated errors. As in EXPR Please use the prior output to diagnose and correct the errors.

    Sunday, July 26, 2009 3:04 PM

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  • I changed the EWS URL on the cas server to use the same interal URL and it was SUCCESSFUL, I'm not sure whats going on because I checked the ISA server and i has the /EWS/* directory and the testing the rule its succesful. I compared permission to the RPC and Unified Messaging IIS folders and its the same, plus if there was a problem ISA would had stated that the permissions were incorrected on the CAS server.

    So at this point I know that its something to do with ISA just not sure what, Outlook Anywhere isnt working which I'm assuming this is part of that issue, guess I'll start turning on some logging and try to narrow down what the issue is exactly.
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 5:41 PM
  • Can you test using this url ans post the error....

    Sunday, July 26, 2009 5:48 PM
  • TRY this link if you autodiscover URL is not working...

    Ypu need to confiqure URI for autodiscover properly....
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 6:01 PM
  • Check info:

    1.      Please ensure that exists in the DNS and is able to contact

    2.      Please use “Get-ExchangeCertificate” to ensure if the “” exists in the “CertificateDomain” parameter

    3.      Please post the output of “Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory” cmdlet for analyzing

    4.      Please follow Mike’s post in this thread to test E-mail AutoConfiguration, see if there’s any further error info

    5.      Please the link from Abuthaheer’s last post to troubleshoot the issue

    Monday, July 27, 2009 6:35 AM
  • Ok here is any update, most of that I have checked and already went over and the connectivity is only kicking basic known errors for our network such as http 80 because were using ISA and only allow HTTPS, and our certificate is issued by DoD so it is not in IE trust root by default.

    I forgot to add one a few things I had to move the two cas servers to another site and this issue started after they were moved, I had a feeling its related to Outlook Anywhere so I disabled it and the error no longer exsist. I also noticed another thing for some reason internal clients were using Outlook Anywhere when the Autodiscover service setup their account, now that its Disabled they are not.

    I think I have to do some more reading on Outlook Anywhere, but Internal is it ok for domain machines to be defaulting to Outlook Anywhere or am I missing something?

    Thanks for your replies, I know I didnt post up most of what you guys asked, but I forgot to mention I had done a lot of that, I'm going to let this replicate now that I disabled Outlook Anywhere then re-enable it and see how it acts.
    Monday, July 27, 2009 9:20 AM
  • OK, please post at here if you get any update

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 2:17 AM