Active Directory account password expiry email notification


  •  I have some queries about Microsoft server 2008 active directory..

    In our
    environment few users are using exchange account in different domain, but system
    login is different domain. So user is facing password expiry issue every time,
    As per my AD configuration, the AD user password will expire every 60 days. So
    these users are not getting the notification before expired the

    Kindly let me know is there any way to configure email
    notification for users before expire the password, like before 14 days. I got
    some script from Microsoft site which is suitable for Exchange 2010 server, but
    we are using Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1( Exchange server Operating System -
    Windows server 2012) and windows 2008 R2 for AD.

    Kindly share with me is
    there any script suitable for our environment.
    Tuesday, August 12, 2014 1:02 PM