How do I get a "form" (xsn) back into SharePoint.


  • Somebody built an application around a workflow.  The workflow says it uses a form (xsn) not in the site but in the root collection in a Form Templates folder.  Anyway, I can open it in SharePoint Designer.  When I click edit it opens the form in InfoPath.  My edits are simple, some text and the default values on two calendar controls.

    Now what do I do?  When I click submit or quick submit it demands access to a Visual project.  When I ignore the demand it saves the xsn to local drive.  When I copy the archived project files to disk and point it to them it complains about access to someplace on a D:\ drive that I know nothing about.

    Do I just take that saved xsn and upload it to the library it came from?  What complication am I missing here?

    Thursday, July 05, 2012 7:57 PM


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