Multi-Tenancy and Standard SharePoint running in parallel


  • Hi,

    I have a standard implementation of a SharePoint 2010 Farm in a production environment which has been live for a couple of years.

    The SharePoint solution in my production environment makes use of Managed Metadata Service, User Profile Sync Service, Search Service & Word Automation Services.

    I now want to create a SharePoint 2010 hosting environment configured for multi-tenancy.

    Because the solution which is active in the current standard (non-multi-tenant) environment makes use of Shared Services (like Managed Metadata Service) the custom source code will try to access the service application data and expect such data to be centralized (non-partitioned).

    In order to avoid having to migrate the current solution I am considering building a hybrid farm which allows for multi-tenancy as well as non-partitioned services. The idea is that the legacy code will target centralized (non-multi-tenant) data and the farm will also allow us to in the future deploy tenant sites in a pure multi-tenant fashion.

    This is how I plan to accomplish running the hybrid:

    1-Build a multi-tenant farm in which Managed Metadata svc, Search svc, UPS svc, etc. are partitioned (using PowerShell).

    2-Create a multi-tenant web application with a few site collections (with site subscriptions) to verify that multi-tenancy is working.

    3-Use Central Admin to create a new (additional) Managed Metadata service application (this time do not partition the service)

    4-Use Central Admin to create a new (additional) Search service application (this time do not partition the service)

    5- Use Central Admin to create a new (additional) UPS service application (this time do not partition the service)

    6-Create a new Web Application which then makes use of the non-partitioned services created during steps #3-#5.

    7-Backup & restore the site collection from the current live environment into the new environment against the web application created in step #6.

    This way I believe that the farm can contain 2 web applications – one which makes use of non-partitioned services (non-multi-tenant) and another web application which contains site subscriptions and which makes use of partitioned services.

    I did a little proof-of-concept to test my theory and all seems to work well.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any reference material which confirms whether the attempt to build the abovementioned for a production environment will be successful or too risky.

    Has anyone tried this before? Any advice / tips / warnings will be greatly appreciated.


    PS: Thanks to Spencer Harbar for the great series on SP2010 Multi-Tenancy. The blog was very helpful:

    Monday, June 18, 2012 2:40 PM

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  • Hi Johan,

    Did you have any luck with this by the way?  I've got a production sharepoint VM which would like to now implement multi tenancy but struggling to get commands!



    Sunday, August 05, 2012 1:41 PM