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  • Very simple set-up. SP2013 online.

    Top level site with a subsite (projects) and a subsite (search)
    I have created a couple of docs in the top level site and in the project site. All docs contain the word invoice.
    All docs are returned in the search results.

    Now I want to create a result source so that I can see results for a particular site:
    Go to search - site settings and click result sources and click new.
    Give it the name "Projects" and in the query builder I put: {searchTerms}Site:*
    I click test query and all the subsites contents are shown. I say ok and go back to the search site. Now I create a new page "projectresults" then I go into the properties of the search result webpart and I change the result scope to "projects", again I get a nice list of results in the preview window. All results come from the project site. I click ok I save I check in I publish. So far so good. I even go to the site pages library and click on projectresults.aspx and see all content returned.  Finally I go to search settings and add a link to the existing ones (everything, people, etc) and call this projects, I point it to projectresults.aspx.  Now I go to the main search page, I search "invoice" and get all the expected results. I click "projects" and get nothing! I have treble checked all my steps and am stuck. I wouldn't have thought this new result source would require a full crawl would it?  When I click on the "projects" link I am taken to projectresults.aspx?k=invoice.   What am I missing?

    Friday, February 7, 2014 2:08 AM