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  • I use Outlook 2007 on Windows XP on a Core2 Duo PC.  Outlook has performed beautifully, even as I run it most of the time with 40-60 windows open and have thousands of (admittedly unorganized) items in my inbox. 

    One thing that has bugged me a lot recently is that the From field in the email screen will only show the sender's profile name, rather than the email address.  Unfortunately in today's age where people send email from many different email devices, they frequently do not have the same profile name for the same account when sending from different devices.  Due to this, it can be frustrating to look for an email from a contact that they sent from their blackberry because it appears differently in my inbox. 

    For example, say I have a client whose name is Stephen Smith.  On his main email, his profile could be "Stephen Smith" while on his blackberry he has it set up to "Steve Smith", on his web-based email it might say "Smith, Stephen" and on his cell phone his profile is "ssmith@".  Thus in my inbox, there are 4 different ways that his emails could show up.  I have a lot of clients like this, and they will mostly email me from their main email, but then occasionally they send me something from their cell phone and while I've read it, I find it impossible to see it ever again. 

    So is there any way to have the "From" field show the person's email address instead of their profile name?  Or maybe it could show the person's name in my contacts instead?   Or perhaps I could group all items by the sender's email address instead of their From name? 

    I have searched through the field chooser looking for an alternate "From" field and I've also looked at the column settings for the From field and have come up empty.  I've also asked my resident IT whizzes and they said to come here.  I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have.


    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 9:15 PM

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