Outlook 2010 no longer installs SCANOST tool , so how do I recover a trashed OST file? How do I "CLOSE" an ost file?


  • User at a legal firm having an issue with iManage 8.5, seems to be a known issue, causes Outlook 2010 to crash when trying to send an e-mail that is attached "virtually" to the iManage software.

    So the user tries to send an attachment, that is managed by "FileSite" add in.  The file attaches to the Outlook e-mail.  It tries to send.  Get a pop up saying "workshare load in progress".  Then Outlook consistently crashes.

    I tried disabling the add-ins, and then Outlook crashed when I launched it, and I could not get it to come back up.  It said the Outlook.ost file had not been closed correctly, and to close the file and re-open Outlook.  Outlook kept crashing each time I tried to open it, by the way...

    My first options was "Hey, run scanost!".  Then I discovered, Microsoft no longer includes scanost with Outlook 2010.  Technet said to "export your ost file to pst, and run scanpst (on the MS website).  I thought MS WANTED us to just use ost files, and to stop using PST files, or am I wrong.  And how can I export a file when it won't open in the first place?

    That is not my question though.  I want to know, how do I "close" an ost file?   (And no posts from 3rd party sales reps please...)  I just renamed it, and let it be recreated by Outlook when I relaunched Outlook.  But, seriously, I know how to close a Unix file.  No idea how to close an NTFS Outlook.ost file.  Also, what is the reasoning behind getting rid of SCANOST tool in Outlook 2010?  That stinks...


    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 5:14 PM


  • It still exists, but as scanpst, which will also run repairs on ost files. I have always found the scanpst tool to be more useful, and reliable, than the scanost tool. Which may be why Microsot eliminated it, as the one (scanpst, can repair both ost and pst files). I hope this helps.

    Thursday, April 12, 2012 1:47 PM