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  • Hi all, I am going to do a license check of office 2003 and 2007 and want to find out the computers that are not installed by using our office installation source disc. During the checking, I have some questions:


    1) There have different titles of office 2003 in our environment:

    Microsoft office professional (11.0.5614.0.Ent)

    Microsoft office professional (11.0)

    Microsoft office standard (11.0.5614.0 Ent)

    Microsoft office standard (11.0)


    What is (11.0.5614.0 Ent) means?


    2) When I checked the registry, I go to HKLM\software\microsoft\office\11.0\registration, I found a folder 90110409-6000.....

    I think this is a product code when I checked the "Registration" folder, what is the difference between product code and product ID? Can I check whether the office 2003 is using our installation source by this product code?

    3) I found some computers have more than 1 product code, and those computers have (11.0.5614.0 Ent) on the office title usually. Why is that?

    Many thanks,



    Friday, December 23, 2011 4:49 AM


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