how to pass username and password to RSS Feed?


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    I have a RSS feed source which is not open to public. The RSS feed only available to registered users.

    When I request the RSS feed from IE browser, it will ask me user name and password. After I enter my user name and password, I can see the feed in xml format. That's OK.


    But when I use this RSS feed inside SharePoint, RSS Viewer web part, there is no place for me to configure user name and password, and I got VSS Viewer web part configuration error.


    An unexpected error occured processing your request. Check the logs for details and correct the problem


    I have no problem to use RSS Viewer for RSS feed which open to public (not requires user name and password)

    Is it possible get RSS feed working using RSS Viewer web part if access the RSS feed source require user name and password? What should I do?


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    Thursday, June 12, 2008 2:37 PM