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  • Hi, I hope there is someone here who can help me with this, first of all I am a techy guy but not a coder/programmer. I have recently created a site on SP 2010 (I have owner rights) and one of the sub sites is a meeting workspace. My current folder structure in the meeting work space is like is: Document Library Folder A Folder B Folder C I have added two additional columns for the document library, column x and column y All I want to do is run a Content Query Webpartthese page on the main site that will list all the documents in the folders together in one place and filter them by x and group them by y. When I do this in CQWP the web part only pulls information from Folder A and it allows the filtering and sorting. When I select the source data for CQWP to be the whole subsite, it pull all the information from all the folders but I can't filter and group by column x and y because they are not visible. I searched on the web and there is a lot of talk of something called CAML query but I have no idea how on earth I can use it, I downloaded U2U CAML editor, put my filters in and run it and it only returned items from Folder A, I understand the CAML query need to be put somewhere and something called scope need to be changed to recursive, whatever that means :-(. At my disposal is: Owner rights to my SP site and subsite Nintex Workflow 2010 I have made a request from IT to install Sharepoint Designer 2010 for me. No SP developer at workplace!! Please could someone provide me with an idiot proof free solution to do as I swear I can't sleep the night thinking about it :-(. I tried looking at other threads but I just don't get it. Thanks for your help,
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 6:21 PM