Word 2007 creates a temp file that grows in size up to 2 gigabytes


  • When opening files in MS Word 2007 a temp file called ~WRD####.tmp is created in the same directory as the .rtf document. These .rtf documents will open and then MS word will freeze (become unresponsive); while watching the file size of the ~WRD####.tmp I notice that it will continue to grow. The file can become anywhere from 1GB to 3GB before it stops. When I open the temp file in wordpad to view it looks just like the original, however, the end of the document is just white space for thousands of pages. I believe that this is happening because the document in question has several lines of spaces at the end of the document and these spaces are getting interpreted as going on into infinity. I need to know if there is a way to correct this interpretation or keep MS Word from creating this temp file.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The PC this is happening on is running WinXP Pro service pack 3
    - intel xenon CPU
      X3330 @ 2.66GHz
    - 4GB of ram

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    Here is a KB article that explains how Word creates the temporary files:

    Description of how Word creates temporary files


    Theoretically, Word is supposed to delete all of its temporary files when you exit the program. Long-time Word users know that this is not always the case. It is very possible to have TMP files left strewn about your hard drive. Once you have exited Word, it is perfectly OK to delete these files. Typically they are left if Word hangs, if you exit the program abnormally, or if you left a large number of items in the Clipboard when you ended the program.


    So, to avoid too many Word temporary files being created, please do not open too many Word documents at the same time. Also, please do not let Word closes abnormally.


    A workaround is to turn off the auto-save function from the Office button > Word Options > Save > Save AutoRecover information every x minutes.

    However, it is not recommended, if Word is working properly, the temp files will be deleted after closing Word. So, I suggest reinstalling the Word program to see if the problem can be resolved.


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