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  • I am receiving an error when attempting to install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 which I downloaded from the TechNet site.  At the end of the installation process I receive the following message: 

    "Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine. This is most likely due to previous Office 2013 trials being installed. (System error: -1073422314)"

    I have never installed a trial or Beta of any Office product on this machine.   However, I have installed Office 2007 Ultimate and Office 2010 Professional Plus.  All of these are 32bit versions downloaded from TechNet site.  In addition, prior to this error I had attempted unsuccessfully to install the 64bit version of Office 2013 as well as standalone versions of Visio Professional 2013 x64 and Project professional 2013 x64.   All three of these installations failed due to previous installation of 32bit Office software, so I have downloaded the 32 bit versions but not yet tried to install, other than Office 2013. 

    I used the Custom upgrade option during the attempted install of Office 2013, specifying "keep all prior versions".

    Note that all the above was done on a new machine.  The specific purpose was to test co-existence of multiple versions of OFFICE (2007, 2010, 2013) to facilitate user training and migration.

    I have tried uninstalling via Control Panel, and performed some of the steps for manual removal, however did not do all of them since 1) They are quite lengthy and 2) Some of them seem to involve removing ALL prior versions of Office, which I do not want to do; the earlier versions are working properly and I do not want to have to uninstall them.  Just want to uninstall and reinstall Office 2013.   Also tried running  O15CTRREMOVE.diagcab which indicated that it could not find a problem, but did not seem to remove anything. 

    I have read about ten recommended TechNet articles, which recommend everything from running a FIXIt tool, uninstalling all OFFICE software, and reformatting the whole machine.  Most of these involve System error -1073418209 rather than -1073422314 (which is the code that I am getting).   Other than that the problem sounds the same.  This seems to be a problem with key management and copy protection in these products, dating back to 2010.  Dozens of IT professionals have tried the solutions and vented their frustration since other than the full format, the other solutions work only sporadically, if at all.  Some of these people had been working with trial or beta software, but many who encountered this problem had not.  As noted above, none of my software was a trail version.    I do not want to uninstall all the OFFICE versions, particularly if it as likely as not will not resolve the issue.   (I am also getting paranoid to the extent of fearing that after uninstalling everything I might not be able to reinstall any version).  I think what we need here is a definitive fix from Microsoft, though I am not too hopeful, in view of the lack of response to all the other technicians who have been struggling with this for at least the past three years. 

    If anyone is aware of a solution which works consistently, I would appreciate it.  Reformatting however is not an option.  Detailed instructions for completely uninstalling Office 2013 (ONLY 2013) might be helpful.  I would be willing to uninstall all versions, but only as a last resort, and only if there is some assurance that this will actual solve the problem (for many others it did not seem to do so).


    PS: Probably doesn't matter, but I am running this on Windows 7 Pro w/SP1, 64 bit edition.

    Monday, September 30, 2013 11:47 AM

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  • How many version of Office have you installed in the same machine? Office 2007, Office 2010 co-existence with Office 2013? Microsoft do not recommend our user install different version of Office in one computer which may cause the problem as unexpected.

    As your description, you've got the new machine with Office 2007/2010 and never installed Office 2013 trail version. However, you have received the error message "Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine. This is most likely due to previous Office 2013 trials being installed." It means that you've downloaded Office 2013 trial version from, but failure when you type the activation key. It's contradictory. If there is any misunderstanding, please let me know.

    Furthermore, I cannot give you assurance that all Office previous version removal will actual solve the problem. Sorry.

    Tony Chen
    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 4:34 PM
  • Tony,

    Thanks for your reply.   I do in fact have three versions of Office installed on this machine, 2007 2010 and (hopefully) 2013.  I have on previous occasions installed 2007 and 2010 on a single machine, but this is my first attempt to install 2013.   

    According to TechNet article (Install and use multiple versions of Office on the same PC) it is possible to install Office 2003 2007 2010 and 2013 on a single system, provided they are installed in the sequence indicated.  It is noted that some problems may occur, notably involving file associations, but there is no mention of any activation key issues.   

    As stated in my original request, the software which I have installed is NOT a trail version.   I did NOT obtain it from the evalcenter, but from  

    The above is a full retail version.    The files which I downloaded are:




    I know that the error message says that the problem is commonly caused by attempting to install trial software more than once, but that is not the case.  Several other people have reported this same problem, sometimes involving trial software but not in every case.    My own opinion is that this is a software bug involving key management and copy protection. 

    Many people have reported on TechNet that the problem was NOT resolved even after uninstalling all Office software.  While there is a chance I might get lucky, I really would like a solution which has a better chance for success.

    By any chance, does the error code 1073422314 provide any further insight into this issue?

    Thanks again for your help.  However, further assistance is needed to resolve this issue.


    PS: Sorry the font sizes are so mixed up, I haven't quite figured out how to control the formatting when I paste


    Thursday, October 3, 2013 1:32 AM
  • Solved For me!

    in a diferent post someone told to use this fix and it worked for me.


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