Word 2007 - Multi-Level List & Styles


  • I have an issue with multi-level lists.  I have setup 5 levels of heading styles, each have been setup with multi-level numbered lists.  In the style preview they show as they should initially.

    I saved the document and then reopened it later.  And much to my frustration Levels 4 and 5 headers now had lost their numbering!  They also wouldn't detect where they were in the multi-level list sequence when I attempted to "continue numbering" and add the numbering back in.  Thankfully, I had the numbering in another document and was able to use the format painter to manually go through every single level 4 and 5 header and add the numbering back in correctly.

    I then saved the document and reopened it.  This time level 5 had lost its numbering, both in the style preview and in the document?  Why can I save a document a certain way and then open it and have it be different?  It makes my life extremely difficult...

    Am I missing something in this process?

    I note if I go into the styles I cannot select to use a multi-levelled list.  I only have a choice for simple numbered or bullets.  If I modify a style that is showing the correct numbering there is nothing in the style that seems to store this information and this I think is why it keeps dropping out...

    To me this seems like an extremely frustrating bug, is their a fix?
    Kind Regards, Chris Price
    Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:45 AM

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