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  • Found some skimpy, "usage.aspx"-type reporting compared to MOSS's SPUsageWeb's fancy graphs that my managers like so much.

    Where's the 2010 equivalent?


    Friday, February 24, 2012 8:14 PM


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  • It's the Web Analytics Services. After being install, check under Monitoring in Central Admin. It's also available for each Site Coll and each Subsite in the Site Settings page

    Francois Lessard

    Friday, February 24, 2012 8:40 PM
  • Thanks Francois, Web Analytics Services are running (reviewed this and this), but Report.aspx gives me the below data. This is barebones compared to everything in MOSS SPUsageWeb. Is there a different /_layouts/ URL I should be using? I feel like I'm missing something simple. Thanks.

    Category Metrics Value (Current) Value (Previous) Trend
      Total Number of Page Views 886 611 45.01 %
      Average Number of Page Views per Day 30 20 50.00 %
      Total Number of Daily Unique Visitors 25 8 212.50 %
      Average Number of Unique Visitors per Day 1 0 -
      Total Number of Referrers 0 1 -100.00 %
      Average Number of Referrers per Day 0 0 -
      Total Number of Sites 1 1 0.00 %
    Monday, February 27, 2012 3:54 PM
  • Do you see on the left hand side, in the menu, the links for Page Views, Unique Visitors, and more? Also, at the top, in the ribbon, there's the "Analyze" Button which allow to generate custom reports in Excel. That will provide more data.

    Francois Lessard

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    Monday, February 27, 2012 8:33 PM
  • I don't. I see stuff in the ribbon for Analyze, but nothing on the side.

    Just to be sure I'm looking in the right place, I'm in:


    Does that seem right?

    Thanks again,


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    Monday, February 27, 2012 10:37 PM
  • Yes, you have the right link. Do you see this button?

    It will look like this after clicking on it.

    Francois Lessard

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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012 7:00 PM