Excel 2010 32bit Sort Issue(cannot complete this task with available resources) - works in 2007


  • Symptom description: 

    Excel 2010 32 bit, 1 document - 1 worksheet in document, no other applications open.  21 columns, 787350 rows of data.  Data is numbers, letters, and dates - there are no formulas.  Select all cells by clicking on box in the upper left corner(next to column A and row 1), click on 'Sort & Filter' and choose any of the 'Sort' Options(Sort Largest to Smallest, Sort Smallest to Largest, or Custom Sort and select column).

    Get Error "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources.  Choose less data or close other applications"


    i5-2520M 4 core processor, 8GB RAM, Win7 64.  All patches/updates applied.

    Any recent relevant configuration change(s): 

    None - happens with a clean system

    Any additional information. 

    This works just fine in Excel 2007 without issue.  In 2010 I am able to just select columns, data only(Ctrl-A or Ctrl-Shift-End), or select row 1 -> Filter and then sort with pull-downs with no error.  I am able to launch Excel 2010 in Safe Mode and it does not do this, however there are no Active Excel Add-Ins, Com Add-Ins, or XML Expansion packs. 

    Obviously I have work arounds, but shouldn't this work exactly the same as it does in Excel 2007?

    Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:35 PM


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