Is it possible to have excel 2010 delete files in a specific directory?


  • I have an addin for excel called TM directory listing:, it's great for listing exactly down to the last file it has a bunch of useful info that it lists also about each file. However now i have two folders filled with 1 having 6000 and another with over 300 files. What i'm trying to achieve is to have:

    1. Both folders listed (i know how to do this), each will be on a separate sheet 
    2. A v-lookup to highlight any duplicates between the two sheets.
    3. Then to allow me to delete cells in the sheet I choose and that in turn deletes the specific file. 

    Thanks in advance for the helping hand, in the future I hope I can in turn answer someone else's question's. 

    I have asked the creator of this addin also.
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