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  • I don't know if I am asking this question under the correct classification.

    I created an Excel 2010 SHARED ".xlsm" workbook to be access by multiple users over our government network.  The Excel "Shared" Workbook has a feature we are using that Tracks any changes to the workbook over a specified period; this is why I picked this type of workbook. I also chose the ".xlsm" file because I designed a macro button to invoke this Tracking feature which prepares a History sheet that is available for my current session.

    When I first saved the workbook and tested it over the gov't network, I got some messages to do with "Enabling" the content and "Trusted" files.  I had some error which had to do with "Try Again" but persisted and saved the file multiple times to allow Excel to configure whatever it has to (I am in the dark as to the algorithm that Excel 2010 may be using to initialize these "SHARED" files.

    OK. So I managed to get the end-user to access the file over our internal network.  But here is the current problem the day after:  The staff member is now in the field at a remote site and is, for security reasons, using a VPN network to access our gov't network; the location on the gov't network is in a virtually mapped shared drive (i.e. "G" Drive). The staff member cannot open the file.  However, I asked him to copy the file to his local hard drive to see if the results were the same; not surprisingly, he was able to open the file.

    Can anyone offer any insight into this problem? I do not have any direct experience with VPNs. However, I do know that the staff member must log into a particular web site from his mobile computer which co-ordinates with his VPN device that he carries with him. Incidentally, he is using the Rogers "Rocket Stick" to access the Web.



    Wednesday, January 6, 2016 4:09 PM

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