[SOLVED] The Language DLL 'VBE6INTL.DLL' could not be found ; The Visual Basic environment could not be initialized - After Project Pro & Visio Pro Install


    When launching Word or Excel 2007 (Enterprise) on a Windows 7 I recieve two popups

    1. The Language DLL 'VBE6INTL.DLL' could not be found.
    2. The Visual Basic environment could not be initialized.

    While creating two separate batch files to install Project Professional 2007 and Visio Professional 2007, I inadvertently ran the .MSP files for each app.  Thinking it wouldn't be a big deal I didn't try to stop the installation process, which appeared to go through without a hitch.  Later that day when I launched Word/Excel I encountered the problem.

    • No other software was added during this time
    • No other software was removed during this time
    • No office add-ins were added or enabled
    • No office add-ins were removed or disabled
    • I successfully reproduced the problem by running the same MSP's on a different machine with an identical configiration

    I've tried all of the below, rebooting as necessary, testing in between each then copying a working normal template & retesting before moving on, without any success:

    1. Repair installation of Project
    2. Repair installation of Visio
    3. Uninstalled Project
    4. Uninstalled Visio
    5. Copied a fresh (a known working normal template)
    6. Repair installation of Office Enterprise 2007 (as per these instructions:
    7. Ran Office Diagnostics (OFFDIAG.exe) which found no problems

    Now, before I go any further I want to reiterate that this was a working system before running the .MSP files.  Having said that, I *did* open Word in safemode without a problem.  By process of elimination I found which add-in was having an issue with the state of VBA on the system.  But again I have to stress that:

    • the system was fine before running the MSP's accidentally
    • I can break a perfectly working system by running the MSP's directly
    • running the normal install packages do not break a working system (setup.exe /adminfile <path\to\msp> /config <path\to\config.xml>)

    It seems that something about running the MSP's breaks the system.  For what its worth, I'm no expert and I still have lots to learn, but I'm also not totally green either!  Its very possible, and I'm completely open to the idea, that I misconfigured something when creating the packages.

    • I have experience customizing the Office Suite instllation process by creating a .MSP file via setup.exe /admin
    • I have successfully deployed these customized Office builds to Windows XP and Windows 7 clients successfully
    • I have successfully created & deployed [fat] images of Windows XP and Windows 7

    And I did search, but the two other threads that mention vb6*.dll errors don't contain any usable solutions:

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  • Hello Julius,

    How did you configure the Shared features and Tools features of the Project and/or Visio customization MSP files? Did you choose certain options to be unavailable?

    The Office 2007 and Project/Visio 2007 features share a lot of files, including those components. The VBA feature should be in the Shared Features tree, and if it is disabled, would cause the error message when the Office 2007 applications are launching and trying to load certain addins that require those missing features.

    You might want to try to
    1. Open the Office 2007 MSP in the OCT tool
    2. Save it with a new name
    3. Run it to see if that resolves your issue

    Hope this helps

    Tarak Chakraborty - MSFT

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