Calendar in Outlook 2010 stuck in "search" mode


  • I did a "Search Calendar" in Outlook 2010 (in XP) with my calendar open, and got a list of appointments that met the search criterion.

    When  I tried to get out of that mode and back into the basic calendar grid (i.e., the 5-day work week with days defining the columns and hours defining the rows) the program put me into a sort of list mode that I cannot get out of.

    In this view there are 8 columns describing the features of my appointments, and many rows, each corresponding to one appointment from my calendar.  The appointments are clustered by whatever column I click,

    The first column has a little calendar icon - when clicked this opens the appointment for that row.

    Column 2 is an attachment icon, 3 = "Subject", 4 = "Location", 5 = "Start", 6 = "End", 7 = "Recurrence Pattern", and 8 = "Categories".

    I cannot get out of this view no matter what I click.  I have icons for "Week view", "Work week view", "Month view" and overall "Calendar view" on the task bar.  Only the "Calendar View" icon is clickable, and it does nothing.

    I have searched help for every variation on "view" I can think of, but nothing references this problem.

    Presumably there is some simple way back to a normal view but I cannot find it.  Does anyone have the answer to this

    Thursday, March 03, 2011 9:45 PM


  • David,

    Click on the 'View' tab and then find the 'Change View' button and select 'Calendar View'. You seem to be stuck in 'List' view.

    Hope this helps,


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    Friday, March 04, 2011 3:26 PM