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  • I am trying to get my mail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007 and having some problems. I have copied the Identities file {DED8D...} from the old computer to the new computer (copied files include: Outlook Express with a second Outlook Express folder inside including all of my sub-folders & 5 .dbx folders including folders.dbx, outbox.dbx, etc). I know for sure that the files are within the folder as I can see every sub-folder from Outlook Express in the .dbx format. I have both Outlook 2007 and Windows Live Mail installed on the new computer.

    First I try in Outlook 2007 (ultimate goal):

    I go to File > Import and Export > Import Internet Mail and Addresses > Outlook Express (Import Mail & Address Book) press ok - it comes up with an Import Summary saying that 1 of 1 messages were imported and in the inbox I see a new message from Microsoft Windows Mail Team subject Welcome to Windows Mail. But none of my emails were imported.

    Second, I go to the same place to Import a File but choose Import from another program or file, choose Outlook Express and it says No Internet accounts were found to import. Not sure where it's looking, but it doesn't even give me a chance to browse. Then asks me if I would like to import e-mail messages & addresses from OE or WLM and hit yes, it gives me the same message in my inbox as the previous try.

    Then I try in Windows Live Mail 2011:

    I go to File > Import Messages > select OE 6 > Browse for the Outlook Express folder I've copied to my new hard drive that includes all of the .dbx files > Asks me to select folders to import so I've tried selecting All Folders and then Selected Folders with every folder selected. It says messages were imported. I open the Storage Folders section within WLM and go to my Imported Folder with 5 sub-folders and the only message included is in the Deleted Items folder and it's Welcome to Outlook Express 6.

    Again, I know that the file I copied from the old computer is the one with the info I need since, A) I checked the Storage Folder within OE and found the folder via the Run command, and, B) I can see all of my .dbx files within the folder I just copied to the new computer.

    I also tried going back to the old computer and Exporting the messages via OE and when I do, it tells me 'An Error occurred while initializing MAPI'. I researched this and the trusty internet tells me I either need to Reinstall/Repair Outlook (to which I do not have a repair disc) or I need to change my MAPI settings, which I did (for email, not for newsgroups since I don't have another program option) and closed then reopened and still will not export.


    Not sure what to do...



    Saturday, November 19, 2011 11:17 PM

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