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    Need to know best practices for using infopath forms ( can assume that atleast few forms will custom code behind) for public facing 2010 site. Best practice could be 'not to use it' but need more info

    I am looking for info regarding

    Security -

    Can the forms with code behind be made to work without Full trust

    Do the forms need to be signed ?

    Accessibility implications

    Performance implications

    Would they render well with all 2010 first class browsers?



    Sunday, June 06, 2010 10:31 PM

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  • 1) Depends on if your code behind requires Full Trust.  That depends on the code, not InfoPath.  The good thing with 2010 is that you can put code-behind in browser forms without having to publish them through Central Admin AS LONG AS it doesn't require Full Trust.  In this, it utilizes sandbox user code solutions for deploying the project.

    2) Only if they require Full Trust.

    3) No info on accessibility.

    4) Depends on your server and network architecture, but performance is really relevant to whether the form is internal or external.

    5) Only Firefox and IE 7-8 32-bit are Tier 1 browsers, but InfoPath browser forms do work well with most browsers (I only ever test Safari, Firefox, and IE).  In 2010, this compatibility is much improved over 2007 due to the removal of ActiveX controls thankfully.

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    Monday, June 07, 2010 3:14 AM
  • Hi Clayton


    Thanks for reply, really helpful.

    Regarding full trust good point about the sand box, just to validate bit more, does it mean one can have a form with code behind and if its just simple vanilla code then no need for full trust and also no need for sand box?

    Regarding 4, its the public facing site showing internet users forms to fill, this case it would be the external forms so do you mean performance is not great but just because the payload travels on the internet. I also agree as rest of the process which happens on server would be same for internal and external forms. But then its valid for any server control/ page. So is the perfamance of Infopath forms service in any case on the treshold anyway so that its extra overhead of network will make it unsustainable quickly.

    Will you / someone be able to direct to some document from Microsoft which gives performance statistics for such infopath public facing sites deployment?


    Also looking for accessibility review of infopath or to be specific XMLFormViwer control? 


    Best Regards


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