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  • Hi guys.


    Currently 1 Exchange server 2013 with all the roles. This server uses Windows Server Backup for full backups and truncating the logs.

    We are planning to install another Exchange 2013 server - mailbox role only and then put this two servers in DAG. The mailboxes in 2nd Exchange server will be holding databases in "passive mode"

    QUESTION1: This are the powershell we plan to use to achieve that databases on 2nd Exchange server are "in passive mode". Are the commands ok/correct?

    add-mailboxdatabasecopy "DB1" –mailboxServer "exchange2013-1.domain.local" –seedingPostponed:$TRUE
    set-mailboxdatabase "DB1" –circularLogging:$TRUE
    dismount and mount database
    update-mailboxdatabasecopy "DB1\exchange2013-2.domain.local" –deleteExistingFiles:$TRUE
    Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "DB1\exchange2013-2.domain.local" -ActivationOnly
    set-mailboxdatabase "DB1" –circularLogging:$FALSE
    dismount and mount database on both servers

    QUESTION2: What about the logs on the 2nd Exchange server? Do we need to truncate those also with Windows server backup on that server?


    Monday, March 14, 2016 8:02 AM


  • Why are you enabling and disabling circular logging?  I don't believe that you can update a copy while the database has circular logging enabled.

    If this is a new database copy and not a re-seed of an existing copy, then you don't need -SeedingPostponed:$True or any of the other commands after the Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy unless the initial seed fails.

    The backup of the mounted copy of the database should cause the logs to be truncated on all copies.

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