Having issues with users sharing Excell 07 workbooks RRS feed

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  • Everything that i have read says not to share but my users are adament about doing this. They have several large spreadsheets that they share out and maultiple people make changes to this at the same time. The issue I am running into is that after awhile it will show as not being shared and when I go into the workbook and click on it again itcontinues to give me the message that the "workbook is no longer being shared". I get this messge whether I am clicking or unclicking the check box, I have been able to get around this every now and then by saving the file as something else, deleteing the original, then renaming it back to the original name but this does not work all teh time and is a hassle for my users. So this is a three part question

    1 Is there an efffective way for Excell Documents to be manipulated by multiple users at the same time?

    2 If not does Excell 2010 offer a more stable sharing platform?

    3 Is their any thing out their that would allow  simutaneous access to a workbook?

    Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:30 PM