ECTs Login.aspx redirects not working for ExternalCollaboration User Maintenance pages


  • Using External Collaboration Toolkit, latest version, WSS and ADAM I have found that the redirects from the login page are not occuring. It seems that all the aspx pages in the layouts/externalCollaboration folder cannot be accessed from these redirects. I am using the format for my sites as instructed:


    These pages can all be accessed from within the sites once thge external user is in. It is impossible to see the actual redirect URLs from the loginpage since they are all hardcoded. All the user sees is 'page not found'. HELP! the only way iam getting around this ist to go to adam and change password, say that the password was 'not generated' and go to the home page of the site by re-submitting the url after login and completing the password question and answer and profuile info for each user!

    Can I make copies of these pages somwhere else so that they are found - or will some sort of creative alternate access mapping fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Friday, October 16, 2009 1:41 PM