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  • We have a site collection in which someone before me created a document library and folders for each department. Our company didn't have a an admin/SharePoint person for a long time. This document library has several hundred folders and subfolders with literally no subsites or not even another document library :(. The document library has around ~49000 items (including documents and folders). On the top of it, permission inheritance is broken at folder level, sub folders level, item level etc. Permissions at the top level site collection is messed up with lot of "Limited Access". This site collection needs a good informationarchitecture and permissions clean up. Please suggest some steps to go about cleaning up this mess. Thank you

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  • Hi ViviSP,

    Following are the suggestions I would recommend for the above scenario:

    1. Identify the owners, size, created date of each files and folders. It is easy to run a powershell script to extract all these info.
    2. Send an email to all the owners/department/whomsoever uses the site to delete/archive the old contents. Archiving is the best approach.
    3. If a metadata is attached to each document, then group the documents by the same. 
    4. Move the documents using same metedata/purpose to a new document library. This way the size/no. of files in the existing document library will decrease. Follow the same process to create new document libraries and move the contents.
    5. If the documents are not organized by metadata then try to contact the owners in batches/by department to add metdata which will help moving/archiving easier
    6. If you don't get response from the owners of files/folders then write a powershell script to archive the same

    I hope this helps you!

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  • Hi ViviSP,

    About information architecture, you could build the information architecture according to your requirements. And there are some articles about the information architecture.

    More references:

    Implementing and governing information architecture (SharePoint Server 2010).

    6 Tips For Building a Great SharePoint Information Architecture.

    A SharePoint Consultant on Information Architecture.

    About permission, you could set it manually or by PowerShell command. For more detailed information, refer to the article below.

    Use PowerShell to Set Permissions on All SharePoint Libraries, Folders and Files.

    Best regards,

    Sara Fan

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  • Hi,

    Is there any update?

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  • Sorry for not responding in a long time. Better late than never. Thank you for the response. I appreciate both the responses.

    We didn't have any kind of metadata associated with the documents.

    1. My first step was to create a content type hub to create a document content type with some metadata's like Department, File type (report, job aid, statements, design doc's etc), month, Year, Enterprise keywords etc.

    2. Created site collections for each department and created two document libraries called Public & Team Documents with the above content type.

    3. Contacted each Department owner and moved the folder content into its own Department site collection. We utilized the Sharegate for the migration which helped us in assigning the metadata values while doing the migration. All our content now has metadata attached(at least department). Defaulted the Department, year & month columns in the content type. Now every new document that gets uploaded will have department, month & year values which is good.

    Educated the owners to not break the inheritance too much with in a document library. However getting rid of Folder structure itself is a big challenge(it hasn't happened). They still heavily rely on folders and think it is a good way of organizing :(. Slowly I am trying to bring a change. But its a long road. :)

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